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Sustainability is very important to Victoria Sanders studio. We pride ourselves on using natural, sustainably sourced materials; whether that be silk or plants based alternatives. We also create as much as possible from scratch in the UK to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, We work in a completely bespoke way, so apart from our showroom collection, every Victoria Sanders piece is made to order. Working in this way also keeps our prices surprisingly affordable as we sell directly through our showroom rather than through shops.


 We Are are now introducing a very exciting Bespoke alternative, championing 'Slow Fashion'. Do you have an heirloom family wedding dress? Would you like to reinvent your mothers wedding dress? Do you have some gorgeous fabric that you would like to turn into a dress? Have you got a veil that has been passed down to you that you would like embroidering? Or have you stumbled across a charity shop bargain or Ebay find?


The dress doesn't have to be the correct style/ shape/ size... we will VSS RE-INVENT it. Carefully evaluating what is possible with your old dress/fabric,our team will come up with a clever design that completely re-invents it. Embroidery and embellishment designs will then be created in the usual hand crafted, bespoke way and be applied to the piece, giving a second hand dress a completely new lease of life.

If you have any questions at all, we would love to hear from you!

Caroline's dress featured here was created from her mother-in -laws silk dress. Each panel of the original dress was carefully deconstructed and recut to create Caroline's bespoke design. Her bridal bodice was adorned with sentimental embroideries including her favourite flowers, a bicycle and a cat. Her waistband was created with vintage pearls. She looked absolutely stunning in the bohemian woodland setting they chose for their big day.

Asia Osbornes bespoke VSS-Reinvent gown was handmade in our London studio to fit her figure perfectly. It was adorned with appliques, taken from her Great-Grandmothers kimono which we hand embroidered into and embellished. We then created complimentary embroideries which we scattered over the dress to create this truly unique couture piece.

Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 11.50.32.png

Kate's VSS Re-invent dress was created out of the fabric of her mums vintage Laura Ashley wedding dress. We used aspects of the original shape and transformed others to create a feminine romantic, bohemian silhouette which we finished with hand embroideries and beading.

Our VSS Re-invent service starts from £2.5k and is subject to project/quote. If you are interested/ have an idea and would like to receive more information, please get in touch:

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