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Bespoke at Victoria Sanders

A bespoke wedding dress is an experience like no other and at Victoria Sanders studio i guarantee that i will create the perfect dress for you.

Having a bespoke Victoria Sanders gown is a completely personal experience. I meet with my clients as many times as they wish in order to get to an absolutely incredible end result.

It is extremely important to me to keep my bespoke prices affordable. Although i create a  luxury, high end couture product, working with the finest silks and hand embroideries I try to keep the maximum price point to £5k but starting from £2.5k

Appointments are available in London, or alternatively I am very happy to come to you. Please send me an email to book.


How it works

Step by step bespoke

  • It all starts with an initial meeting, either in London or I can come to you. We meet, discuss your wedding and everything you want for your dress. It's very important to me to get to know each and every bride so that you feel at ease. Meeting face to face give me the opportunity to get to know your personality so that it reflects in your dress. It is also important you get to know me and realise you are in very safe hands and how passionate I am about what i do. It is helpful for us to share a Pinterest board and for you to bring any magazines/images/ references to the meeting to give me a clearer idea of what you are aiming for.  It is . I will come away with lots of ideas and get sketching

  • I will work at my studio to get the drawings together and communicate with you over whatsaap or email to fine tweak them, then we will meet again. Here we will discuss the drawings and refine until we get to a point where you are happy. We can also discuss embroideries, embellishments and fabrics. I will take all of your measurements at this point.

  • I will then refine anything needed from our meeting and send over a final technical pack of your dress with everything we have discussed and the final sketch. Once this is approved i will then move onto making the pattern based on the measurements i took.

  • Once i have made the bespoke pattern to your measurements i will then go onto make a first toile. This is a sample shape of the dress in a cheaper fabric but i usually match a similar fabric to the one you want but a synthetic version to help you visualise the end result.

  • Whilst i am busy making the toile i ask you to get a clear idea of the sorts of embellishment you want. For example if you would like floral embroideries that tie back to your wedding flowers, then it would be great to send me images of the flowers or share a pinterest board of them. I aim to bring a rough sketch or layout of your embroideries to your first toile fitting so we can visualise how it will all work together and discuss further so i can go onto creating your bespoke embroidery artworks.

  • We will then meet again for your first toile fitting. Here we will make sure it fits, that you are happy with the shape and if need be discuss any changes. As previously mentioned we will then go onto discuss your embroideries in detail.

  • I will then go off to make any changes to your toile and draw up all of your embroideries.

  • The next time we meet we will fit your toile for a second time, hopefully now it should be fitting perfectly. I will present to you all of your bespoke hand drawn and painted embroidery artworks and we will finalise all colours and fabrics for your final dress

  • Please note, if needed we can do more fittings of your toile in order for it to be the perfect fit but this isn't usually necessary.

  • I will then order your final fabrics and get started on creating the final dress. I will also begin swatching all of your embroideries. I can either meet with you to present the sample embroidery swatches or we can share over whatsaap or email. Once we get to a point where you are in love with the embroideries i will go onto create all of the ones needed for your dress.

  • Once the final dress is made in the correct fabric i will do a fitting before all of the embroidery and embellishment is applied. Doing a fitting now will allow for any change in shape or size and we can make any adjustments. Once you are happy with it i will then go on to place and sew each and every hand embroidery onto the dress. i feel this is a far superior way of having the dress embroidered as they are all positioned perfectly to flatter the shape of the body and the placement ends up being more of a work of art. 

A Victoria Sanders dress is a true labour of love. I really do love what i do and i ensure the quality and finish is second to none. Each dress i create is a piece if art and something very special that you can cherish forever.

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